Our mission b

No house truly becomes a home until you light a candle in it. Flickering glow, color, design and smell create an atmosphere, evoke pleasant emotions, associations, memories and sensations. One moment - the spark of a lighting match, the touch of the wick - and you feel how you begin to relax.

At dinner or at work, on the balcony or in the bedroom, for yourself or for a pleasant atmosphere of dialogue, candles are a small piece of furniture that helps you tune in the right mood, slow down and be here and now. It is the aesthetics and comfort of everyday life, where you can finally enjoy and not run.

Our mission is to evoke pleasant memories and create wonderful new ones using different characteristics of candles: light, scent, design. We help you to relax, slow down and pay attention to your condition, energize your home and turn it into a place of power